Welcome to Belcomm Blog Posts

At Belcomm we strive for quality, performance, scalability and effectiveness of our software systems. We make sure that all practices are well documented and apply to modern technical standards. On these blog posts we share our findings and knowledge base acquired while working with our customers. We would also like to hear from you, so Read more about Welcome to Belcomm Blog Posts[…]

Test Automation Considerations

Microservices automated testing principals: Automation test pyramid (have tests with different granularity and the more high level we go the fewer tests we should have) can be used as a model for test design of microservices: https://www.mountaingoatsoftware.com/blog/the-forgotten-layer-of-the-test-automation-pyramid Majority of automation tests should be at the unit test level Integration tests are executed at the API or Read more about Test Automation Considerations[…]

What is SRE lab?

Site reliability engineering or SRE is a bridge between development and the production maintenance/operations team. Companies build SRE teams to make sure while new features are developed and deployed continuously, the production systems are running smoothly. Sometimes SRE are designed handle both DevOps part + maintenance/ops part. DevOps assignments and duties: Creating and maintaining pipelines Read more about What is SRE lab?[…]